A Colorado jewelry store recently donated an engagement ring  to a star crossed, and apparently broke, young romeo.

Corey Fontenot, 26, recently moved to Colorado from Louisiana. After asking his Louisiana girlfriend Lori to make the move with him to Colorado, she gave him a bit of an ultimatum.

She said 'before I live with somebody, I really want to be married to them.' She has tradition. She has value. And I respect that completely. I was like 'if that's what it's going to take to finally, you know, make this happen, then I will get you that ring.'

Without the funds for a proper ring, Fontenot then hit the streets. Holding a sign that read: In Love. Need Money For Ring. Anything Helps. Fontenot collected over $80 from passing motorists.

When local Colorado jewelry store  Sonny's Diamonds and Jewelry caught wind of Fontenots plight, they offered the young panhandler a ring. For free.

"They completely blew me away," he said. "They gave me an amazing ring. I plan on using it to propose to my girlfriend in October."

Fontenot claims he does have a job and isn't completely broke.

"I wasn't like, in any financial crisis, or like really bleeding money," Fontenot said. "But, I thought, if people heard the story and people realized that you know a guy's willing to do just about anything to get his girl, that they would feel compassion and feel free to help me out in this situation."

Louisiana woman - Colorado man. I think Conway and Loretta would be proud.