A Baton Rouge senior in high school is protesting the Louisiana Science
Education Act which critics say could be used to teach creationism in schools. The student, Zack Kopplin, says creationism doesn't belong in a
public school science class. Kopplin is supporting a bill by New Orleans Senator Karen Peterson that will repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act. Kopplin says students should be taught true science in the classroom so that they are able to get good science-based jobs. He says potential employers may doubt a Louisiana student. Kopplin held a rally on the steps of the state capitol today to protest the law. He has the signatures of more than 40 Nobel Prize Winners supporting the repeal.

Retired Judge Darrell White supports the Louisiana Science Education Act. He says the law allows students to be taught what is in their science textbooks first. He says it's mandated that evolution is taught and that the notion that evolution would not be taught under this act is contrary to what the act itself says. White says the law is designed to promote critical thinking and strengthen a students overall education.