A study from WalletHub finds Louisiana is the worst state to be a police officer. Website analyst Jill Gonzales says they measured the quality of life and job hazards, which really brought Louisiana down in the ratings.

“Louisiana did rank last when it comes to the number of police deaths per 1,000 officers. We also looked at police killings, people killed by police, and Louisiana ranked in the bottom 10.”

Gonzales says not only is being a police officer a dangerous job, it also doesn’t pay well. She says the Bayou State is ranked 49th for the median income for law enforcement officers.

“Their pay tends to be a little bit better than the national average, they have great pension plans but Louisiana could do a little bit better.”

The report also finds Louisiana has an extremely high violent crime and property crime rates. Gonzales says criminals keep Louisiana police officers and the pay for law enforcement officers is next to last in the country

“Louisiana is obviously home to a couple big cities and that makes it a little bit hard to keep the crime rate low. Louisiana has the fourth highest crime rate.”