Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel spent time on "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" talking about last Saturday's primary election, the discussion over where a waste transfer station can be placed, and the new logo for Consolidated Government.

Durel says he is "humbled, and honored" to be re-elected by the residents of Lafayette to serve his final term in office.  Durel added that he was hoping that he would be elected to a third term, and he was grateful for it to happen.  He says the rest of the time in office, he plans to continue to focus on progress, fiber and jobs.

Durel spent time this morning discussin the pro's and con's of the council's vote on what facilities can be located on Sunbeam Lane, as many are still wondering whether Durel will veto their vote in favor of prohibiting such a facility.

Finally, Durel talked about today's press conference this afternoon to unveil the new logo.  He says he is pleased: