As we wrap up what happened at the Super Bowl, many people, since they are not Ravens or 49ers fans, were paying more attention to the commercials.  But were they good this year?  Jaci Russo came on the Afternoon Drive Home and shared her thoughts with us.

Russo said she was particularly affected by the commercial that had Paul Harvey's voice. Russo said,

I couldn't even say the name without getting choked up...I watched it over and over last night.

Russo mentioned that twitter traffic reflected that the commercial did well because traffic slowed to a crawl there when it ran on television.  That matched what happened at halftime.

Russo talked about how you make an effective commercial and what is required for a good message on behalf of your brand.  Russo mentioned,

Building a brand is about an emotional connection that causes consumers to want to buy from you.

Jaci mentioned that they will be reviewing more of the ads all week long at their website.  In the meantime, check out our entire conversation below: