Action Comics #1 was released in the spring of 1938 and was the first appearance of the first superhero, Superman. Superman was an instant and tremendous success, leading to the creation of other superheroes (Batman showed up a year later) and the birth of the comic book medium.

Due to the ravages of 78 years and the use of cheap pulp, intact copies of Action Comics #1 are extremely rare. Roughly 100 are known to exist, including a copy found in a wall by a contractor back in 2013 (which sold for $175, 000) and the famous near - mint copy owned by comic book fan and actor, Nicholas Cage. Cage's copy sold at auction for $2.16 million with a grade of 9.0, which is extremely rare for this comic and most other comics of the era.

Another copy of Action Comics #1 made the news this week, expected to sell at auction for $750, 000. The copy had a rare bright cover and sold for $956, 000. CNN reports that the original owner paid $26, 000 for the comic back in the 1990s.