Since it was revealed this week that music superstar Prince died without a will, our friends at USA Today made an investigation into a few other superstars that had no will on file when they passed away. Millions of dollars are at stake, and frankly, most of us are shocked that people with so much money, and so many advisors, would let something SO important fall through the cracks. Below is a list of stars who failed to file the proper paperwork before they died, and left a lot of chaos in their wake.


Michael Jackson - died at age 50. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jackson's estate was only worth $2,105 when he died, but since his death it has been valued at over $434 million, with a possible billion dollar estate battle ahead. Yes, you saw that right - billion.


Amy Winehouse - died at age 27. Parents inherited her estate, which was $4.66 million after debts and taxes. Her husband, Blake Fielder - Civil received nothing.


Bob Marley - died at age 36. Famously left no will, and his wife and 11 children are still fighting over his money 30 years later. They did, however, win a court battle over rights to his name and likeness.


Jimi Hendrix - died at age 27. Family and siblings still fighting over rights to his $80 million dollar estate more than 30 years later.


Sonny Bono - died at age 62. Wife Mary became the executor of the estate, and Bono's first wife Cher sued for unpaid alimony. Money was eventually divided between Bono's two children Chaz Bono, and Christy Bono Fasce.


Kurt Cobain - died at age 27. His fortune is worth around $450 million today, but a series of bad financial moves by his wife Courtney Love, including giving up the rights to his name and likeness for a loan, have done little to diminish the total worth.


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