People on both sides of the Texas abortion Supreme Court ruling are sounding off on the issue. The ruling overturned a law that restricted women’s access to abortion clinics. That’s according to Executive Director of the National Organization for Women in Louisiana, Angela Adkins. She hopes this paves the way for the similar law in Louisiana to be struck down.

“It gives us a lot of hope that the same type of bill that is currently enjoined by the Supreme Court for Louisiana will also be found unconstitutional,” Adkins said.

Attorney General Jeff Landry says his office will continue to fight for Louisiana’s pro-life laws. But Adkins says challenging the ruling to keep this law on the books will be an expansive fight and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

“This is just ridiculous, beyond ridiculous, to keep wasting taxpayer money on something that is a constitutional right for women to have,” Adkins said.

President of the Louisiana Family Forum, Gene Mills, says he is disappointed with the ruling. He says this ruling put abortion clinic profits over the safety of women.

“This creates a blanket immunity for abortion providers to provide a lesser degree of care for the young women that they’re seeing, and I think that’s a travesty,” Mills said.

Mills says the reason behind overturning the Texas law was that the purpose of it was to shut down half the abortion clinics in the state. But he says that is not the case with the Louisiana law, so he hopes it will stay on the books.

“I’m hopeful that Louisiana will continue to be the most pro-life state in the nation. We sent five pro-life laws to the Supreme Court. They may keep knocking them down, but we’re going to keep sending them things to keep them busy,” Mills said.