A survey by Accountemps finds six in ten employees believe stress in the workplace has increased over the last five years. The study also found that 55% of those surveyed say worker anxiety is on the rise. Rebecca Green, with the employment agency Robert Half in New Orleans, says technology has put more of a burden on workers.

“Things are moving so fast right now, so I think it’s pretty common. The statistics weren’t crazy to me, at least.”

Green says the survey also finds 54% of CFO’s are aware that their employees are stressed. She says she wasn’t surprised to see stress levels this high with employees.

“Especially with the way technology is, everything can be done 24 hours a day, so it’s not as easy to leave work at work.”

According to the survey, 64% of employees from 18 to 34 are more stressed about work compared to 59% of workers 35 to 54. Green attributes this to younger people’s desire to grow and move up in the company.

“I think a lot of younger professionals are wanting to make sure that they keep on top of every deadline, make sure that they’re hitting every goal that their supervisor sets.”