A University of New Orleans poll finds President Donald Trump approval rating in Louisiana is at 58%, which equals the 58% received from the state’s voters in November. A recent Gallup poll found President Trump’s approval rating is 38% nationwide. UNO pollster Ed Chervenak says Mr. Trump’s approval rating in Louisiana much higher than what national polls have found.

“This is typically a red state and people here are generally more conservative than what we found nationally and so they’re going to be much more supportive of the Republican president.”

The survey also shows a majority of independents and third party members also approve of the president. Chervenak says they surveyed 740 residents and found there is a large racial divide with 71% of whites rating Trump positively, while 70% of blacks rate him negatively.

“Whites tend to lean towards the Republican Party and African Americans tend to lean towards the Democratic Party. So, I think there is just a correlation between the racial divide and the partisan divide.”

Mr. Trump has received criticism for failing to get legislation passed for repealing and replacing Obamacare. There have also been concerns over his relationship with Russia. Chervenak says Trump supporters in Louisiana are giving the president the benefit of the doubt. He says it’s too early for many voters to pass judgement.

“One of the big issues for conservatives is the instillation of a conservative on the Supreme Court and so I think a lot of people are withholding judgement until that happens.”