An investigation fueled by a Facebook post has led law enforcement to believe a man driving a distinctive white van in Scott posed no threat to children despite parents' concerns.

According to Scott Police Chief Chad Leger, a Facebook post showing photos of a white van accompanied by text stating the driver was attempting to kidnap children was shared more than 2,400 times.

The male driver was interviewed by police after the mother of the children gave her statement. Leger said the driver "did not pose a threat to others."

Chad Leger Facebook photo

In the release, Leger shared no details of the investigation, but reactions to the attempted abduction have flooded some Facebook feeds.

A Facebook user, Ashley Dupuis Quebedeaux, identified herself as the mother of the children involved in the suspected crime. She posted, though police identified no threat from the unidentified van driver, she remains steadfast to her children's account that the man was acting " in a suspicious way."

Though the investigation led to no crime being committed, Leger urged parents to discuss "stranger danger," abductions and outside safety. He named the National Crime Prevention Council as a source for information for keeping children safe.