Glenn Fleming from Acadiana Gun Works joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and had a safety tip for shotgun owners as well as some firearm related highlights from this week's news.

Glenn noted that this time of year he sees quite a few problems with shotguns outfitted with removable chokes and offered some advice.

A lot of the removable chokes we see are stuck.  They are rusted in there real good.  People don't really think about them and leave in there forever and they just rust in place.  A lot of the new shotguns have some kind of dip coating on them.  Sometimes to remove a stuck choke you have to heat up the barrel.  You can't do that with a barrel with a finish on it because it will destroy the finish.  It's a good idea to remove the choke at the end of each hunting season and clean it out.

There are a number of news items out this week that include firearms and Fleming says one of the most disconcerting events happened in Washington DC.  Fleming said,

Listen carefully to this first sentence, 'at the urging of his ex-wife police conducted two raids on Mark Witaschek's home for illegal guns.  What the SWAT team found after breaking down his door and pulling his son, naked from the shower was one shotgun shell...Instead of apologizing they are charging him with possessing one shotgun shell.

According to Fleming another outrageous incident involves a Virginia mother protecting her daughter.

Basically what I understand she shot a warning shot into the air because her daughter was being assaulted by a number of men.  Here's the deal if you are a concealed carry holder and something goes on that you have to pull that gun, use that gun properly.  Don't shoot into the air.  Do what you need to do to insure your safety and the safety of others.

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