In my opinion, it would be tough to have a better job than working at a radio station. Granted, there are some things that we complain about, but I think that one thing that would make it better is if the radio station offices were on Avery Island.

Over the years, I have visited Avery Island a few times, usually with out-of-town guests. The serenity, the beauty, the history: it's all there!

Today I went to visit the McIlhenny plant to pick up some donations for an event that the radio station is sponsoring and, as is every time I go there, I enjoyed the drive!

Once out of New Iberia, and about half way to the Tabasco facility, a canal forms on the right side of the road, reminding me of how close are to Vermilion Bay.

Crossing Hayes Coulee gets you onto the island, and, at that point, the landscape changes into lush vegetation, including bamboo and beautiful Live Oak trees.

(Staff Photo)

Having a drive in to work and a job with this view sure would be a perk!

Avery Island (Photo by John Falcon)