Starbucks Wants to Get You Drunk
Starbucks coffee chain has become an American institution among caffeine junkies, mid-day speed freaks, and daily-grinders alike. It only makes sense that they'd start catering to booze hounds at cocktail hour, eventually. Us. We mean us.
Starbucks Releases Their Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee Ever
Ever heard the expression "that and a dime will get you a cup of coffee"? Well, not that long ago a cup of coffee did cost a dime. (And you can still get a cup for well less than a dollar in many places.)
Of course, Starbucks began blowing the lid off the coffee price structure about 15 yea…
Job Numbers Are Out – Acadiana Business Index
Stocks fall after lower-than-expected GDP growth. Rhonda Bordelon has your stock market report on today's Acadiana Business Index.

GDP grew at 2.8% rate in 4Q 2011: lower than expected, but highest since 2Q 2010


Ford, Juniper miss estimates: Starbucks off on guidance


Fitch Downgrades Belgium, Ital…