Dean Hebert of "Hebert's Automotive" joined Bernadette Lee on "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" this morning to offer some tips about how you can keep your car running smoothly when the weather is nasty and cold like it has been this week in Acadiana.

The automotive experts says when it comes to your engine, "you need a fifty-fifty mix of antifreeze" to keep your motor running at top form during the winter weather we have been experiencing.

Hebert suggests that if you have noticed a change in your gas mileage lately it might have something to due with changes to air pressure in your tires.  He says each time you have a drop in temperature you can experience low tire pressure.  He says you need to check it when there is a 20 degree change in the temperature.

If you can't wait for your car's defroster to defrost the windshield and windows, you can always you the water in your garden hose, but Hebert says his best advice?  Just let your car warm up for three minutes with the defroster going, and it will do the job pretty quickly.

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