Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s a sickness that steals one of the most precious things humans have – their memory.

Brain Health Specialist Dr. Brandon Brock joined KPEL’s Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee on “Acadiana’s Morning News” to discuss promising developments in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Dr. Brock says these studies are allowing researchers to figure out how to slow down the rate of decline or stop it altogether.

Dr. Brock revealed that the average age in his clinic for females is in their 50’s, which means Alzheimer’s is affecting people at a younger age.

“People are getting wired to be sick earlier but they are living for a long time.”

Dr. Brock answered questions about whether Alzheimer’s is more prevalent in today’s society or are we just more aware of it, the time it takes for these studies to crank out research against the disease and the cost in developing and providing the drugs necessary to combat it.

He also touched upon prevention. While genetics does play a part in the development of the disease, Dr. Brock says it’s not everything. He pointed to more stress making you more prone, as well as less exercise, and stressed getting your blood sugar under control.

 “it’s more than just forgetting where your keys were,” pointed out Dr. Brock, who cited examples of Alzheimer’s patient who couldn’t remember names of people they knew, how to get where they were going, what year it was and other simple questions.