As the New Iberia Congressman tries to win re-election in Louisiana's new 3rd Congressional District, the Tea Party organization from his main opponent's hometown is now throwing their support behind him. Joyce Linde, President of the TEA Party of Lafayette, had this to say about why they chose Landry over Charles Boustany:

We are all constituents of Charles Boustany, but this year we know there is a better choice. That is why the TEA Party of Lafayette is endorsing Jeff Landry. Representative Landry’s voting record demonstrates his belief in conservative principles, limited government, and lower taxes. It is an honor for the Tea Party of Lafayette to endorse Jeff Landry.

Of the endorsement, Landry said:

I accept the endorsement and support of the Tea Party of Lafayette. They know that I have and will continue to stand with them to keep taxes low. They know I will fight to end wasteful spending; I will fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment; and I will not back down in the fight for our freedoms.

Landry also had some strong words to say about his opponent, Congressman Boustany:

Washington has picked its candidate. Washington has picked Charles Boustany because he is the Washington Establishment, the good ole boy club – its politics first and people second.

The election is November 6th. Besides Landry and Boustany, Republican Bryan Barrilleaux of Lake Charles, Democrat Ron Richard of Lake Charles and Libertarian Jim Stark of Lake Charles are also on the ballot.