Much interest has been generated by proposed local "TIFS" or tax increment funding.  The Tea Party of Lafayette and The Pelican Institute will be presenting an evening with Randall O'Toole, senior fellow at the Cato Institute to discuss "TIFS".O'Toole's latest book is Crony Capitalism: The Case Against TIF's.  O'Toole has been described by US News & World Report as a researcher who "has earned a reputation for dogged legwork and sophisticated number crunchin".  O’Toole’s book reveals how government attempts to do long-range, comprehensive planning inevitably do more harm than good by choking American cities with congestion, making housing markets more unaffordable, and sending the cost of government infrastructure skyrocketing. O’Toole calls for repealing laws and proposes reforms that help solve problems without heavy-handed government regulation.  The event is scheduled for Thursday June 30th at River Oaks on Kaliste Saloom.  Tickets are available from the Tea Party of Lafayette.  For more information contact the Tea Party "".