A North Carolina teacher was suspended yesterday after telling a student he could be arrested for criticizing President Obama.  Today on 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' we spoke with education expert, Founder of Choice Media and director of the documentary "The Cartel" Bob Bowdon who said the teacher was certainly out of line.


We asked Bowdon if he thought the teacher, Tanya Dixon-Neely should be fired for her actions.  Bowdon said, "I would caution calling for her resignation based on what could have been a terrible departure for her normal great performance."

The student reminded Dixon-Neely that the first amendment protects a person's right to free speech including criticism of the President as long as no threat to harm or kill the President is made.  Dixon-Neely is heard in a video clip telling the student that he can criticize Mitt Romney because he is only running for President but Barack Obama is the President and can't be criticized.  She even told the class that people had been arrested for criticizing former President George Bush.

Listen to the interview: