A few weeks ago, our longtime friend & colleague, CJ got one of the most frightening pieces of news a parent can receive. His daughter, Brittni has been stricken with cancer. I'm a father, too. I've known Brittni since she was an infant. This has affected all of us. Brittni's not a child anymore. St. Jude treats children. You may think, "What does St. Jude have to do with this?" The answer is simple. She's being treated with protocols that were most likely developed at St. Jude. The majority of advancements in cancer research over the past 54 years have come from there. The flu poses a potentially deadly threat to cancer patients more than half the flu vaccines the World Health Organization has on hand were developed at St. Jude. They give it all away for free!

CJ recently posted this on his Facebook page:  "Brittni and our family would like to share prayers with the following individuals fighting cancer: Dr. Edwin Day, Frank LaCourse, C.K. suffering from Sarcoma. And please remember the St. Jude Radiothon is happening today and tomorrow on our Townsquare Media radio stations."

Help continue the fight. become a Partner in Hope. call 800-372-4999, or go to st.jude.org.