Tim Tebow has gone through a lot of criticism over the course of this football season.  Everything from his style of play to his preferred religious practices and beliefs have been diced over in the media and he has been told to tone it down from people like Jake Plummer and and even Kurt Warner.

I personally don't have a problem with Tim Tebow or what he does.  In a simple style, Mr. Tebow lives out his faith and love for God in public view, which is something that many in the Christian faith do every day.  Indeed, the Bible itself tells believers to go into all the world to make disciples.  That is not something normally done by shutting up and sitting down.

Tim Tebow's life speaks for itself and he is the kind of guy that is worth being in the spotlight because the sports watching public is in need of clean-cut heroes.  Too often, we see "me-first" athletes that have the attitude that the world revolves around them.  Look no further than recent times when we see Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson...umm Ochocinco make reality television shows and continue to promote their own brand.  Instead, Tebow is the kind of guy that goes out and wins games any way he can.  He is the kind of athlete that you love to have on your team not because they just believe their own press, but they actually believe in themselves and their team.  Tim Tebow believes that he can win and he has faith that his team can do it and they go out and do it every week, beating teams that they weren't even supposed to compete with.

As to his faith, he creates a person that I would love to have my kids look up to an emulate.  Why have someone to look up to that father's multiple children by different mothers when you can have a guy that does what he can to help those in need?  He also doesn't take himself too seriously since the practice of Tebowing made it's way around the internet.  He came out and said he thought it was a great thing.

For those that say he is not a good football player, they are entitled to their own opinion.  That isn't what this is about.  For those that say he needs to shut himself up and not be so bold, I would rather he stay as bold as he wants to be.  In a world with too few sports stars that are worthy of looking up to, we need a guy like Tim Tebow.  There are better quarterbacks out there, but very few men of real character that stack up to him.