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Good morning:

I listen every morning and when I heard this around 6:20 or so on 5/25, I must say, I’m just shocked regarding The 10 Commandments Proposal.

No one should pass legislation to utilize a particular faith based belief and have it as a representation of the populous. This is NOT unity - it segregates humanity. This total distraction from the travesties that our own lawmakers continue to NOT fix that have been going on for decades. This will redirect most individuals to defend “their side” instead of uniting for a common purpose, which is there no be NO sides.

It has nothing to do with heritage. This proposed legislation, regardless of “context” stated by the representative, is in fact designating LA as faith oriented in the belief of the 10 Commandments.

A universal statement, in my opinion, should represent the populous, i.e. the Golden Rule. Isn’t that unity regardless of what someone practices or doesn’t, or what someone believes or doesn’t?

Here’s proposed legislation changes for the Rep:

1 - Return LA back to a Sovereign State instead of it being the Corporation that it is today, same with the Federal Govt., considering the Constitutions were changed so long ago.

2 - Impose the 10th Amendment and stop the US Corporation from encroaching and destroying LA’s people with unlawful federal income taxes, property taxes, SS, etc.

3 - The US Constitution: about how the unlawful 17th Amendment? Where did the original 13th Amendment go? Ooops, just disappeared one day: we have a US Constitution with it, then we don’t.

Are our Rep’s even qualified to tackle the recommendations above? They won’t, it would be political suicide. They DO NOT work for us, they work for the US Federal Corporation that was established in 1873 and has followed through on ALL of the states. Anyone that disagrees, re-educate yourself, I didn’t know this either until years ago. THAT is a travesty - or just the tip of it I should say.

Lawmakers know this, so why would ANYONE think they would have the right to propose something that obviously they should understand more about, being spirituality? Isn’t an individual’s spirituality a representation of themselves, enacted through daily actions and statements? So, should I assume that since LA’s lawmakers do not tackle these above recommendations that they are misguided spiritually? That’s one for thought isn’t it? I shall digress to the subject again.

Back to the 10 Commandments:

The Golden Rule is a recommendation of how someone should treat another of humanity and does not go against the Creator’s free will for each of us. The Commandments that began with “Thou Shall Not” is TELLING someone what to do, which imposes on free will. Now, this comment may ruffle many feathers. I do not attempt to insult, I merely state something that is only clear to my soul, which most will disagree with.

The Rep’s comment about Moses: there are many that do not believe Moses ever existed. Personally, I don’t know, I wasn’t there. That statement may bring laughter from many, but who is right? The Creator is, not particular created beliefs of organized religions created by and written by man, regardless of “proof.”

To have such a “monument” idolizing the structured “must do list,” if you will, is not something ANYONE should want represented for being of humanity.

Free will is the Creator’s grace to us. This proposal designates nothing of free will. I was raised and practiced Catholicism most of my life. I’ve never known freedom in my heart and soul since the exact moment I stopped practicing. Should then my own representation of my belief/non-practice be your representation? How insulting that would be to you or anyone and what right do I possess to do such a thing? I Don’t! No one does.

With the issues and travesties going on in our state, country, and the world, for the focus of our lawmakers to be on something so person and profound within each individual of humanity, is an insult. Anyone’s beliefs are relevant to them, and basically irrelevant to another. Free Will.

As a LA native, I do not appreciate lawmakers wasting my tax dollars on something that they should not touch. No one is, not even me for it is between the Creator and your own soul.

All this proposed legislation tells my heart is that this Representative needs to gow more spiritually, as we all should and aspire to do every beautiful, blessed day the Creator gives us. My journey of growth will continue, and I will send Love and Strength to those in the lawmaking capacity to do the Creator’s will.

The Golden rule: would the Rep appreciate my opinions to be enacted legislation and represent “his heritage?” My heart tells me he wouldn’t. His “context” should be kept win his home and personal life - leave it out of mine. It would be greatly appreciated if the respect of beliefs was reciprocated. Isn’t that Unity? Unity, to me, is humanity coming together with Love, Respect, and Integrity to another soul. I know there are no sides - no divisions. Just divisions and illusions created by man to distract from The Creator’s Love of All and His power in each and every one of us.

“The Creator is in you, me and everything around us. Go within and you shall find me.”

All the Creator’s Love and Light to you.