The UL System announced that they are increasing tuition by a measure of ten percent.  That means that things will be seeing a big increase for people in the area that want to get a better education.

Locally, UL is a fine school and educates people in all sorts of fields.  Still, in an economy where there are significant challenges and jobless graduates at every turn, a move like this is, in my opinion, absolutely tone deaf.

I know that running a university is not a cheap endeavor.  It takes money to build all of the buildings and pay all of the professors and all the other things that go with getting an education.  Still, when you raise tuition by 10 percent, that outpaces inflation by a lot of money.

The answer for many people will be just to take out a little bit more of a loan and that will be that.  It is looked at as being a "no worries" kind of deal.  But, that extra money will have to be paid back at some point and for those that are attending college, there is no promise of a good job after school.  Many that graduate have to wait months or even a year or two before they even find something that will pay the bills.  When you add more on top of a loan, that means more out of pocket for the newly graduated man or woman.  But, that does not seem to factor in for those making the decisions.

Customer service is lacking in several areas and the area of college education is no different.  It should be different, because many of these students could go elsewhere, but it is not looked on as any sort of competition and tuition will continue to rise.

It's time for someone to rise up and say that they will index tuition to inflation and be done with it.  Better yet, what about someone that will be bold enough to say that prices will not increase next year?  That alone might just get you enough extra students to pay for whatever expenses may come in the coming school year.