Love him or hate, you can't deny these 10 facts are pretty interesting.

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    He's No Teddy Kennedy

    President Trump says he's never used drugs, alcohol, or smoked cigarettes. He doesn't even drink coffee! Trump says he's avoided these vices because his older brother, Fred, told him to avoid them. Fred died of alcoholism, and Donald has imparted the same wisdom to his kids, who he says don't drink or do drugs, either.

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    How He Does His Do

    Trump says he achieves his trademark hairdo very easily: he washes it and then lets it air dry. Once dry, he combs it forward, then back and hits it with some hair spray. Read more about Trump's hair here.

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    Trump And Sheldon Cooper

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    He's The Only President With One Of These

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    He Had His Own Vodka

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    He Prefers The Drive Thru

    President Trump was one of the wealthiest people in the world before becoming POTUS, but he still preferred to eat fast food whenever possible. Though he often ate at the Trump Grill at Trump Tower, he often had staffers grab fast food for him when he was out and when on the campaign trail.

    Trump seems to enjoy all fast food, but his favorite might be McDonalds. He told Anderson Cooper that he loves Big Macs and Quarter Pounders. He also enjoys pizza, though he only eats the toppings. Trump was photographed enjoying KFC on his plane during last year's campaign.

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    He Loves Soft Drinks

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    His Favorite Candy

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    He's Got Great Manners

    Though President Trump doesn't eat the finest foods usually enjoyed by people with his wealth, he does enjoy his food with impeccable manners, using a fork and knife to eat even pizza. He also famously criticized John Kasich for his poor manners during the campaign last year.

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    He's Never Used This

    Finally, it seems Donald Trump's pockets are extremely deep. He once told Conan O'Brien that he'd 'never used' an ATM. That was a few years ago, but he probably still hasn't had the need to hit the ATM like you and I often do.

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