Bill Gavin is the former Assistant Director of the FBI and author of "Pick Up Your Own Brass; Leadership The FBI Way."

This morning on "Mornings With Ken & Bernie," Gavin discussed the case of the latest terrorist arrested in Washington intent on blowing himself up at the US Capitol.

Overall, Gavin says, terrorism in the U.S. is "on the increase." Gavin cited a statistic saying that 2009  and 2012, 36 terrorists-in-training were arrested. In the seven years before that, only 21 were arrested.

"More are being radicalized over the internet, and are being taught how to build a good bomb over the internet," Gavin told Ken and Bernie.

Gavin also talked about how he tracked down the first World Trade Center Bombers and was responsible for the operational investigation and resolution of the 1993 WTC Bombing - a subject he goes into greater depth on in "Pick Up Your Own Brass."

Listen to the interview with Bill Gavin: