There are so many people that deserve such a huge, "Thank You!" from us for the freedoms that still exist in our country today.  We may disagree, we may have two big separate parties, and we may squabble all the time, but this is still the greatest country in the world.  There are many people that deserve our respect.

Thank you to our forefathers for giving up their lives, and in many cases, their fortunes for the things we have today.  We have the Declaration Of Independence, the Constitution, a system of checks and balances, and a country where we can still say what we want.......for the most part.  We have all heard it, and it is very true....freedom isn't free!

Thank you to the men and women who have and continue to serve our country.  Thank you to those who gave up their lives so that we can be free.  Thank you to policemen, firefighters and the every day common man who goes to work each day to make it a better place for his family.  We are stronger because of each one of you.

We have so many problems in our country, but we still believe in who we are.  Many people fight each day for our freedoms.  We fight when we research issues.  We fight when we discuss issues with each other, even when we vehemently disagree.  We fight when we vote.  So it is with great honor and prayer that I will be thankful today for the country we live in.

You may not admit it, but I can't be the only one that gets a little choked up on Independence Day.  Even though I will have to retire early tonight to be ready for another show in the morning, I will wake up when the fireworks go off at various times tonight.  I will do like I do every year and sit at my window and marvel at all that we have in this nation.  I will cry in thanks for those who have given their lives to make my world so great. And, I always hear the bell and the cry.  I hear the bell that tolls in each one of us for independence and the cry of freedom that so many have sacrificed for over the years.

Happy Fourth Of July to you!  May you rejoice, celebrate and have a wonderful day because we live in America! Let freedom ring!