As we look forward to Thanksgiving Day, Tootie Landry takes the time to tell us the top ten things she is thankful for in this edition of "Not Necessarily The News."

"Hey! I’m Tootie Landry and this is what I found out today! I love this time of year! A time to reflect on 2011 and look back at all the things I am so thankful for in my life. I came up with My Top Ten List, but there’s a whole lot more…

10. I’m grateful Charlie Sheen is finally out of the news!
   9. Glad the world didn’t end on May 21st, September 26th, and October 21st as previously predicted!

   8. I’ve learned to count in trillions, thanks to the Federal Government!

   7. I’m grateful the only place I feel I need to “occupy” is my house!

   6.  Whew! Glad I didn’t waste my money buying Kim Kardashian a wedding gift!

   5.  Thanks, Coach Hud!!

   4.  That new vampire movie just out… so thankful the title is not, “Breaking Wind!”

   3.  The BCS will finally change their name to the B.S!

   2.  Cajun Smurfs! Funniest blue people I’ve ever seen!

   And the #1 thing I am thankful for this year…. My boys didn’t go to Penn State! And I’m Tootie Landry and this is “Not Necessarily the News!”