We lost a true legend today. We're taking this time to remember Prince, with the ten most Prince things Prince ever did.

  • 1

    That One Time Prince

    outshone Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, and Jeff Lynne. He took the killer solo at the end of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and absolutely murders it. Be SURE to watch until the end.

  • 2

    That One Time When Prince

    had the best Super Bowl halftime show there EVER was, and probably ever will be. Back in 2007, Prince performed the halftime show at the Super Bowl, and covered everyone from Jimi Hendrix to the Foo Fighters. Oh, and that "Purple Rain" performance, though!

    "Can you make it rain harder?" - Prince

  • 3

    That One Time When Prince

    went on stage with James Brown and Michael Jackson (oh, and BB King), and just did whatever he wanted.

    James Brown calls Michael Jackson up to the stage. Michael reluctantly goes up, and sings and dances. He then tells James Brown that Prince is there too, and he should come up. This was a time when Prince wasn't the Prince that we all came to love. He was still a newcomer to the game. Watch how he comes up to the stage. The guitar was reportedly not at all what Prince was used to, so he gives up on it. Takes his jacket off. Dances. Heavy breathes into the microphone, then takes down a lamp post on his way out!

  • 4

    The Time Prince

    took his passport photo, and did it his way. My wife and I took our passport photos within the last year, and she was told that she had to tuck her hair behind her ears because your ears have to be showing, or they won't accept the picture. Well, here's Prince's passport photo.


  • 5

    Speaking of Prince and Social Media

    ...His Instagram name is Princestagram!

  • 6

    That Time Prince

    joined Twitter, and tweeted for the first time.


    And, his second tweet.

  • 7

    That Time Prince

    invented texting shorthand...in 1984. He wrote a letter to a fan after Purple Rain came out. You see it in his song titles, but Prince really wrote "2" instead of "to, too, or two," and "U" instead of "you."

  • 8

    That Time Prince

    directed all of his own videos, even when there was an official director.

    He made Larry Williams, the guy hired to direct “When Doves Cry,” sit outside with a stack of magazines while that video was made.

  • 9

    That Time Prince

    beat Charlie Murphy in basketball. Oh yeah, he was a GREAT basketball player at 5'2".

  • 10

    That Time Prince

    became an unpronounceable symbol just to give the bird finger to his record label, Warner Bros. He had a guitar made out of the symbol...and an entire STAGE (as seen in his Super Bowl performance). He went back to being called Prince in 2000 when his contracts with Time Warner expired.