One of the items coming up for consideration before the Lafayette City Parish Council next month is more discussion of moving the parish line farther into Vermilion Parish.

Back in October, the Lafayette City Parish Council voted unanimously to back out of an agreement with the Vermilion Parish Police Jury that had set the boundary.

City Parish Council Don Bertrand says the boundary is different from what we had agreed to in the other agreement.  He is calling for spending money for additional research on the issues.  He says we should research the area that is east of the Vermilion River.  He says the issue deserves more scrutiny.

It matters to home and business owners in that area as to just where the boundary is, as that determines which parish they live in and have their businesses in.

The ten-year-old agreement between Vermilion and Lafayette Parishes over the border issue was disolved during a council meeting vote in October.

Councilman Don Bertrand, who has spent considerable time investigating the situation, argues that agreement gave too much land to Vermilion Parish.

Bertrand contends that the line that was drawn during the last agreement did not take into account all historical records, and he adds that recent research shows where the line should really be.