One week after seeing their hearts ripped out by Alabama in Death Valley, the LSU Tigers traveled to Arkansas...and never showed up.

Call it an emotional letdown. Call it a trap game. Call it whatever you like, but the real term you're searching for to describe LSU's loss to Arkansas is "beatdown." In the 17-0 loss, the Tigers only mustered 123 yards of total offense, averaging an abysmal 2.1 yards per play. The defense didn't force a single turnover, but it's hard to blame them for anything when the offense never got off the bus.

The most concerning part for LSU fans should be this postgame response by Head Coach Les Miles after the loss.

"We went with Anthony [Jennings] because he gave us the best chance of winning," Miles said.

He's not wrong, which is the worst part. When the truth at your QB position is an utter lack of execution, it's up to the offensive coordinator to try to spark the offense in some other way. Saturday against Arkansas, the spark never took, and the team was left cold and in the dark.

The Tigers ran the ball 32 times for a whopping 36 yards, which is what happens when defenses feel no threat of the pass. To be honest, nothing went right when it came to trying to find points. Even Colby Delahoussaye contributed two missed FG's to add to the frustration.

With a young team, fans expected some growing pains and possibly a few groan-worthy results, but the last two losses will shake even the strongest fan's psyche. A last second-loss to Alabama to crack the sanity and an awful loss to a lesser opponent on the road to top it off.

Les Miles will have his hands full dealing with the media and fans after the last two losses, but the real question he needs to answer is: what's the problem on offense? He either has to figure out the magic touch or find himself searching for another QB prospect this offseason.