In the days following the "Flood of 2016," many have been asking the same question, "Where's the national media now?"

While that's a very good question, we do know one thing, south Louisiana is way more united than some outlets want to admit it. Sure, we may have seen some minor divisions amongst communities after recent happenings in south Louisiana, but one thing remains constant---south Louisiana is ONE.

This photo, which has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, shows an older white gentleman being helped out of the flood, by a black man. Arm-in-arm, the two are now one.

Is this what some media outlets don't want other's to see? That people in south Louisiana are unified and not divided. Who knows.

However, we wanted to share this photo with you for a few reasons. For one, the man helping this older gentleman escape the flood deserves the recognition and we want you to show other's who we truly are.

In my opinion, this photo speaks more than just a thousand words.