Usually the day that people are required to return their income tax returns is April 15th, but this year the day will be April 17th since April 15th falls on a Sunday, and the 16th is a Washington D.C. holiday, Emancipation Day.  Dee Harris Stepter, with the Internal Revenue, says, "the deadline will be here before we know it". Stepter says filing your income tax return does not have to cost you money, but there are some restrictions.  You can easily find out what you need to know by logging onto  Stepter says with “free file” is a “partnership between IRS and software providers to make brand name products available to you for free, so if you have income of $57,000 dollars or less you get to use the full package that’s asking you the questions and answers to determine which tax breaks you are entitled to or you can use the free file….if you don’t qualify for the full, traditional version of free file.”

Stepter says Volunteer Income Tax Assistance is also available, but she says, "it is best to make an appointment....and to do so this week".  Stepter adds, "all you have to do is dial 211 to get information on a VITA site closest to you to get the information needed to make an appointment."

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For more information you can find what you need at or you can call 1-800-tax-1040