The iPhone 5 has been talked about for months.  Really, it's been talked about ever since the 4 hit markets and some of the shortcomings of that phone became evident.  Apple has finally announced that they want to get together to talk about the iPhone.  No hint that a new one is coming, but we all know something is in the cards.

The big question for the many of us that are current iPhone users is, will this be worth the upgrade?  For the many that currently still carry the 3G or 3GS, this will not be a problem.  Too many upgrades to the phone itself and updates to the operating system will make it a must do if you want to keep carrying it.  For owners of the iPhone 4, it might be a little more dicey.  Will the phone have some of those features that we've all wanted and desperately hoped for?  We just don't know.  Will it have the reception issues that the 4 originally had cleared up?  It better be or Apple will be savaged for coming up with a new product that is the same thing as the old one.  Already people were unhappy with the way the 4 came out, so hopes are that Apple learned it's lesson.

Rumor has also had it that you would have your choice of carriers as not only will it be on AT&T and Verizon, but also on T-Mobile and Sprint.  You'll be able to solve the annoying data or reception problems that have been a part of having an iPhone in the past by simply switching carriers.

I don't know that I'll be the first in line for the new iPhone5, but I will be giving it a hard look and sooner or later, you just might see me with one.  All things considered, it will likely be one of the best phones on the market, just like it's predecessors.

What do you think?