I get that some people can get really upset if a restaurant, or in this case a deli, doesn't get their order right, but calling 911 to complain, what was this guy thinking?  The owner of the deli is Tila Azinheira, and he did confirm that the man ordered 14 sandwiches, but he wanted them a certain way.  The customer can be heard on the 911 tape saying he "specifically asked for little turkey and little ham, a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise,".

The trouble started when he got to the deli, and he said the order was not the way he asked for them, so he wanted his money back, but that was not allowed since he had asked for something special.  So instead of just taking the sandwiches and getting over it, he CALLED 911.  Wow!  It's crazy.  What kind of world are we living in now that people feel so entitled to EVERYTHING that they call 911 when they think their order is wrong?

Eventually the man was told by the dispatcher to just not buy the sandwiches.  The customer later called the deli to apologize, but would you want that guy's business again?   No charges are going to be filed in the case, and that's nice that the deli owner is being so nice about everything, but to me, the police should give this guy something....a ticket, a citation, a fine, anything that would make him think long and hard before he ever does something that stupid again!

Get a life people! Don't clog up 911 because you are so selfish!