Watching the Obama Administration has been admittedly painful.  Where else could you get a world leader that does the wrong thing at the exact wrong time?  The perfect example can be found in the President's first trip around the world stage on what has become the President's Apology Tour.  Now we see the results of that.  Instead of being more respected around the world, we have become less popular.

This President has become the ultimate example on how it isn't done.  When you see that the world fears you, instead of making sure that they know you are powerful yet fair, you instead go and apologize for that power.  Instead of seeing that gas prices are high and doing everything in your power to lower them, you limit drilling and propose a tax hike on the oil business, who would most certainly pass any tax hike on to the consumer.  You say that we aren't going to get into another war and then turn around and do a "kinetic military action" in Libya.  You get involved and then you don't and go wishy-washy all throughout the process.

Even going back and forth saying in 2009 that he would take the blame if things didn't go well and then at every occasion since, blame the economy, Wall Street, the weather, George W. Bush, the American people and everything else he can imagine just to show that it wasn't him.

No President should aim to be popular on the world stage.  As many things as he did that were less than reasonable, even George W. Bush knew that.  Presidents don't get votes from the British or the Croatians or the Lebanese.  Presidents don't lead those people directly.  They instead lead the greatest nation on the earth, the United States.  They are, by definition, meant to serve the interests of the American people.  Regardless, it is instructive that people around the world are speaking out and simply saying that they don't like this President and there are many reasons not to.  Mostly on the world stage, they see someone that is not stuck to any one idea and not willing to lead anyone to much of anything.  That is exactly what the world wants to see from an American President.  Obama has not delivered.