A new organization has been operating across the country for just a short time, but membership is growing quickly.  The Proud Americans began as a group of conservative individuals across the country, but it has grown to include the under fifty folks as well.

Duane Miller, the COO of The Proud Americans says they are a grassroots organization formed to be a politically and socially conservative alternative to other groups.  Miller says you can even get a discount on your yearly membership dues, if you trade in your membership from another organization.

Miller says the group aims to be a voice in Washington D.C. and across the country that is conservative.  Miller says they aim to let anyone over fifty join their club to promote your health, protect your wealth and proclaim your traditional values.

Miller says the organization really did start as a grassroots initiative to get people motivated to speak up about what their concerns are, why they have those concerns, problems with healthcare and the economy, and to give an alternative to other opinions that he says have dominated over the years.