Dear New Orleans Saints,

I'm here to offer some free NFL Draft advice: take Ragin' Cajuns Wide Receiver Jamal Robinson before somebody else does. You'll thank me later.

It's a match made in heaven. I'm not invited to your war room on Draft Day, but hear me out.

You need a big, physical receiver to pair with speedster/slot threat Brandin Cooks. Robinson checks in around 6'2" and 220+ lbs, and he loves owning defenders when the ball is in the air. The corners are getting bigger and stronger in the NFL, and Robinson cranked out 24 reps of 225 lbs on the bench during his Pro Day. For reference, that's four more reps than any other WR invited to the NFL Combine. In terms of size and athleticism, he checks out.

Concerned about his speed? Understandable, but I can calm you down there too.

Robinson ran a 4.47 40-yard dash at his Pro Day, and several scouts clocked him sub-4.4. It was enough to make people double-take at their watches. At his size, that's surprising top-end speed and acceleration.

I know you worked out Robert Meachum, but why? Instead of bringing back a guy who helped you years ago, why not look to the future? Brandon Coleman is your only "go get it" style receiver on the roster, but he has a bad case of the dropsies. There are no butterfingers on Jamal Robinson, and he can embarrass a cornerback with a 50/50 ball.

Still don't believe me? This highlight reel has all the acrobatic and one-handed catches you need, complete with a few stiff arms too. Press play. The reel doesn't have sound because the tape speaks for itself.

Did the one-handed grab around the 0:18 mark get your attention? He made circus catches like that his entire Cajun career, and he could easily do it for you in New Orleans.

Cooks and Willie Snead take care of the underneath stuff, but Coleman didn't convert on his redzone opportunities. If Drew Brees floats a fade route to Robinson in single coverage, my money is on Jamal to come down with it.

Somebody is going to draft Robinson. If you look long enough at his numbers and highlights, it's easy to fall in love. Don't fight it, New Orleans. Make him a Saint.

I understand there is some concern with his health. He suffered a few injuries, but he definitely looked healthy on Pro Day. If you need an extra nudge, wasn't there injury concern with Delvin Breaux too? I'm not saying Robinson can step right in and dominate like Breaux, but be careful writing somebody off based on injury history alone. A late round draft pick is a small investment for a player with major upside, so pull the trigger.

Keep the Louisiana product in the state, and make him a Saint. This is more than a suggestion; it's a demand. Do it. Do it for Louisiana, do it for New Orleans, do it for Who Dat Nation and Cajun Nation, but more importantly, do it for yourself.

Your New Draft Analyst

(At very least, draft Jamal Robinson so he doesn't become a Falcon. For the love of God, don't let him go to Atlanta and replace Roddy White. It would hurt too much for my heart to handle.)