So many things are there for our leaders to address.  We keep hearing about how taxes are going to go up at the end of the year and how we are set to run off a fiscal cliff.  We hear about how people are going to be losing their jobs and livelihoods over it and how our leaders need to do something about it.  Then, you see how they have busied themselves now that they are back in session.

The Senate got back together and you would think that the first thing they would want to do is the business of the American people.  That would mean starting the debate on the things set to happen at the first of next year.  The things that scare us to death should be first on the agenda, right?  Instead, the United States Senate begins things by passing legislation on polar bear carcasses.

Now, they could have decided that it was time to finally pass an actual budget or something.  Maybe even take care of a little of the fiscal cliff.  No, instead they would rather vote on something inconsequential and non threatening that would affect so very few.

This is what we have voted for, fellow citizens.  We have elected and re-elected people that think the best thing they can do is to address the issue of polar bear carcasses.  Do these people not realize the gravity of the situation they are in?  We have entrusted them to fix our problems and they are voting on things that affect a literal handful of people.

This does not bode well for the future.  A lame duck session is happening and because they kicked the can down the road until now, this particular session matters.

I have one word to describe it all and, really, nothing else needs to be said.  That word is, Unbelievable.

I would almost laugh if it weren't so serious.