In Louisiana, we have our fair share of disasters. From hurricanes, to the west nile virus, to massive flooding, I'd like to think that as a state we're well prepared to properly deal with any disaster that comes our way. 24/7 Wall St. has just released their list of "States Least Prepared For Disasters". Is Louisiana ready to deal with a disaster if one were to happen right now?

24/7 Wall St. says that only 15 states currently have a solid disaster plan in place.

From 24/ -

For each state, we reviewed certain disaster preparedness policies, such as whether the state mandates child-care facilities to have emergency evacuation plans, whether state public health labs have enough staff to properly combat a serious disease outbreak

Louisiana lands at no. 17 on the list. We have 60.6 EMTs per 100,000 residents, which is the 12th lowest in the country. In 2015, $12,036,695 was allotted for what is called "All-Hazards Preparedness". For 2016, this amount reportedly fell -0.3%.

Hawaii takes the honors of being the state least prepared for disaster.

So, Louisiana landed in a decent spot at 17. Not fantastic, but we could definitely be in a worse position.

To see the complete list and read more about the study, head over to 24/