First dates can be nerve wracking enough. Just when you thought you knew what not to do on a first date, here's a new list of 5 "deal breakers."   We already know the obvious ones, drinking too much, talking about exes, not putting the phone down, to name a few. Here are some new ones from They surveyed more than 1,300 single people. Here's what they came up with...

#1 A surprising majority (more than 85%) said over dressing is a big faux paux.

#2 Posting pics of dinner.

#3 Taking selfies is a "no no."

#4 Being "too quiet." More than two thirds of respondents prefer someone who's too talkative to a date you have to pull conversation out of.

#5 Sending an immediate Friend request on Facebook, or other social media, is moving too fast.

I have an idea...just meet for coffee, or a drink after work, and turn your phone off.