I heard Rush Limbaugh say it several years ago in jest.  He said that what liberals would need to do was ban thumbs and forefingers because kids play cops and robbers.

Fast forward to now.  The story comes out of Baltimore where two 6-year-old boys were suspended from school because they did just that.  They played cops and robbers and used their hands to imitate guns.  It was the same thing many of us did on playgrounds all over the country when we were kids.  Yet, these kids were sent to the office and sent home, suspended because they were "threatening" each other with violence.

Our society has gotten extremely touchy and it has happened in just the last 20 years or so.  Previous to that, things like this would have been handled with some level of understanding.  Teachers that were watching on the playground would not turn in a kid for playing a game that nearly every kid has played for a long time.  Now, they turn them in for stranger things.

The time has come to reexamine ourselves and get ourselves back in touch, not with our feelings, but with plain old common sense.  Common sense tells us that these two kids were only trying to have fun.  Common sense tells us that, but then who has such a thing these days.

We need to get away from having all of this panic on our part because a kid wants to play good guy vs. bad guy on the playground.  That doesn't mean that he wants to blow up a school, it means that he wants to be a kid.  While I know that we are all hoping that what happened in Connecticut never happens again, monitoring kids to make sure that they are playing harmless games is not the way to do it.

How is it that things like cops and robbers, dodge ball and tag are now bad things?  We all did every one of these things in school and the vast majority of us are fine today.

So what will they ban next?  I'm trying to think of the most ridiculous thing imaginable and I can't even imagine what they'll ban next.  Kids talking to each other?  The possibilities stagger the imagination.