Your Dog isn't just a pet. He or she is a member of the family.

When all those awesome smells start to fill the the house, your beloved pooch will react just like the humans who are there. Sharing is tempting, but not always a good idea. Some holiday foods can cause your pet serious, even life threatening health issues. has published a list of "Do's and Don'ts."  The top of the "Don't" list is chocolate. It can literally cause seizures, even heart attacks.

Cranberry sauce is good because it contains anti oxidants.

Go easy. The sugar can be a problem. Sharing the bird with your pooch is iffy. Lean parts, like the breast, are ok. The skin is too fatty. And NO bones!!

Unseasoned pumpkin helps your dog's digestion.

Click here for a complete list of "Do's & Don'ts".