Whether it's Lafayette, New Iberia, Breaux Bridge or Opelousas, there are just certain things you're going to find in every home across Acadiana. It doesn't matter if you're  born and raised here, or if you're a transplant, there are a few unwritten rules everyone abides by when it comes to living in Cajun country. And that, I do declare, is part of what makes Acadiana so special.

facebook / international rice festival

1) Rice - In any home in Acadiana, there's absolutely no chance you're not going to find a bag of rice. I mean, we have a festival dedicated to rice!


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2) Fleur De Lis- It doesn't matter if you're a Saints fan, an LSU fan or a Cajuns fan, there is a Fleur De Lis somewhere in your house. Even if you're not a sports fan, there's a Fleur De Lis somewhere on a coffee cup or bathmat or something.

blackpot festival

3) Black Pot - Black pots are family heirlooms in South Louisiana. You might have one passed down from many generations because as you know, black pots only get better with age. You know when you see that pot on the stove it's going to be a great day. Again, we love em so much we have an entire festival dedicated to em.


4) Tony Chachere's - A flavor staple in Acadiana, affectionately referred to as "Tony's". There's a chance for whatever reasons you might not use it, but you definitely have some for friends and family that are going to ask "Hey, where's the Tony's?"


5) Rice Cooker - In tandem with number 1 on this list, you're going to be hard pressed to go into any kitchen in Cajun country and not find a rice cooker. It's never a question of if there's a rice cooker, it's simply a question of where it is.


6) Flour - It's either in your fridge, or it's in your pantry, but there is without question a bag of flour in your kitchen. I mean, how else are you going to make that roux? Sure, you probably have a jar of Savoie's in the fridge, but that's for when no one is lookin.



7) Flyswatter - Just because you have flies in your house during the Louisiana Summer months doesn't mean you keep a dirty house. It just means you're in South Louisiana. It also means you have a fly swatter. Flies here are a sport. If you can be quick enough to swat flies consistently, it's like you ascend to mythical legend status.

What items did I miss?