Imagine that there is a workplace where people sit around all day.  Imagine the workers sitting and playing cards, reading books, watching movies and even playing board games. Now imagine that this is a factory that is supposed to be building lithium-ion batteries for the Chevy Volt and has yet to turn out the first one.  Now complete the picture with the factory being funded by the Obama stimulus plan and you have LG Chem in Holland, Michigan.

It's a factory that started with so much promise.  They broke ground in 2010 and had President Obama on hand to proclaim that this is the future of America.  Apparently, the future of America involves marathon sessions of Monopoly, funded by taxpayers.

This is the best example of what has happened in the last four years under the leadership of President Obama.  Yes, we got new jobs at this factory, but everyday we are paying for a company not to build anything or do anything productive at all.  The factory is now at the point that everyone gets furloughed for one week a month and then comes in the other three so they can play cards with co-workers.

If you ever wondered what the stimulus program has done for America, things like this are the answer.  To this point it was to spend money that we don't have on things we don't need.  That couldn't be more true than this.  It is a factory that builds batteries we don't need for a car that no one wants.  In addition to that is the fact that GM makes no money on the Volt, so it really isn't something that should have survived and wouldn't have in the real business world.

How does this sort of thing go on for any length of time?  Simply put, it is government funding.  The government gives the company money and proclaims them a winner.  The company itself can't figure out how to deliver on what it wants to do and faces problems.  Rather than have the market dictate that this sort of job would go away, instead, the job remains, making our debt even deeper so workers can get really skilled at playing board games.

Makes you think it might be time for a change at the top.