We've all done it - been so excited about a trip that you can't wait to brag to all your friends on social media about where you are heading on your next adventure. Taking a shot of your boarding pass and posting it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, is a really, really bad idea. According to Mark Murphy, president and CEO of TravAlliance, this is a way for thieves to get all kinds of information about you from the barcode on the pass. Airlines do their best to protect you, but if you are posting it, you are opening up a whole other avenue for disaster.

Our friends at Travel + Leisure are saying it is 'enough data to let someone learn your name, your frequent flier number, your current flight information—even any planned future flights.' Wow. Pretty scary stuff. So if you feel like you MUST let everyone know that you'll be eating dinner in Paris tonight, just make sure that you don't include the barcode on your boarding pass for all to see..