Over 2,000 Louisiana residents are in Washington D.C. along with hundreds of thousands of Americans for today’s annual March for Life. Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life Ben Clapper says there is a renewed sense of hope under a Trump administration.

“We believe the things that Donald Trump, together with the Senate and House will do, will be to protect unborn children and to protect the health and safety of women in America.”

On Saturday, there will be a March for Life in Shreveport, where 5-thousand people are expected to be in attendance. Clapper says the majority of people in attendance from Louisiana are under 22-years-old.

“The fact that we have so many young people that are so energized is really a testament to the growth and energy of this cause to bring human rights to the weakest among us.”

Last week, hundreds of thousands participated in the Woman’s March on Washington, after the inauguration of President Trump. Clapper says the March for Life has been going on for 44 years.

“So no matter what other groups stand and march here in DC, we know that our movement will be faithful to the end to ensure that legal protection is ensured to all Americans born or unborn.”