Matthew Staver/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tuesday night, Scott Police officers pulled over a car with one headlight out, and found three bags of marijuana in the car.   Three people were arrested.

When officers pulled over Tashad Dixon's car, they say they smelled burnt marijuana coming from the car.

When officers searched Dixon, they say he had a small amount of pot in his pockets, and the same happened when they ordered Ryan Francis out of the car.

When police asked Jeredth Latour to get out of the car, they say they found three cellophane bags of marijuana on the floorboard of the passenger's side of the car.

All three admitted to being in possession of one gram of pot, but none of them claimed ot own the 3 larger bags of pot.

The street value of the drugs is close to $500.

Police say all three were arrested for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.