The Crowley Police Department's Compliance Division recently went to check out several stores in the city to make sure they were not selling alcohol to anyone underage.  Chief K.P. Gibson says three stores were found to not be in compliance.

In order to conduct their compliance Chief Gibson says,

""During this compliance check, 13 stores were visited with a person who was between the age of 18 - 20 years of age. The goal is to confirm that the clerk checks the identification of the person and denies the person the sale of alcohol".

Officers visited 13 stores, and 3 were found to not be in compliance:

Fatboys on West 2nd Street
Korky's on Western Ave
Express 90 on East 2nd Street

The clerks who sold the alcohol at each store were issued a summons for unlawful sales to persons underage.

Chief Gibson adds,

“These checks will occur periodically and we want to assure our citizens that we are working to prevent our youth from unlawfully drinking as well as our stores for unlawful sales”.