Lafayette's economic outlook seems to keep getting better and better, and Lafayette's Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley thinks LUS Fiber is a big part of the reason why. Stanley joined ‘Nathan and Bernie in the Morning‘ for his weekly ‘Lafayette Live‘ segment to discuss the role LUS Fiber players in Lafayette's good fortune.

We were $53 million ahead of where we were at this time last year in construction

"Three major companies are coming to Lafayette because of LUS Fiber," said Stanley. "A $55 million payroll that’s not in the market that will be here soon."

The many businesses that have located in Lafayette in recent years as wells as the ones who plan to in the future are making positive economic impacts on many industries in Lafayette, few more notably than real estate.

I looked at construction numbers not to long ago comparing this year to the same period last year in dollars based on sales taxes. We were $53 million ahead of where we were at this time last year in construction. - Dee Stanley

With LUS Fiber attracting businesses and residents, citizens of Lafayette Parish living outside the city of Lafayette city limits are starting to ask when fiber will come to the parish.

If you go back to when the concept for fiber happened it was to be a city project run by a city utility. Potentially way down the road there could be a plan to expand that, but currently the plan is to serve every customer within the corporate limits of Lafayette.  - Dee Stanley.

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