We've all heard about how William Shatner started the war between fans of Star Wars and Star Trek.  We have even heard about how Carrie Fisher fired back at Shatner and how he fired back.  Now, another chapter has opened up in this increasingly intriguing battle.  George Takei, widely known as Mr. Sulu from the original Star Trek series, has called for "Star Peace" in a tongue in cheek video that was posted recently.  In the video he says that the real enemy is none other than the Twilight movie series, the latest chapter of which, Breaking Wind...err...Breaking Dawn, hit theaters in the last month or two.

I am a huge sci-fi fan, so such things give me a laugh.  While I don't subscribe to the idea that one is better than the other and in fact I enjoy both, I believe that there is a certain quality that both universes have that the Twilight saga lacks.  Heroes doing battle and the war between good and evil reigns supreme in the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars.  In Twilight, we see more about middle of the road vampires that really don't mean to harm anyone and werewolves that are evil, but maybe they aren't.  Truthfully, I think the latest chapter could have been called Breaking Wind and it would have described the series to a T.

So I guess you could say that where Mr. Sulu leads on this one, I am willing to follow in agreement.  Personally, I am more of a Battlestar Galactica reboot fan, but I am always up for some good storytelling, so bring on more of the two premiere sagas of space travel.  Star Peace is a great idea.